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i am taking CBT now and although i felt it has helped me to some degree, i belive they don't understand me one bit, they give me tasks to do and then i have to set about doing them but i told them no i cant.

sample being i was to go out with my cancoller and i was to take an item back and return it, now for me this makes me nervous as they will ask why i taken it back thus causing me to panick and most likely blush.

another small task for me was to go and complain to the girls at the reception desk where i have my CBT that the room was too hot. heh i chicken out of that too.

so now we are working at my own pace but i feel deep down that this is not helping to solve my problem but maybe it will give me a chance of taking some of these every day tasks full on,

i truly belive everyone on this board that feels this condition is beating them to take on some theraphy because god knows we all need someone to listen to us.

best of luck.

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Wow. Those tasks sound really difficult! I would have an especially hard time with complaining about the room being hot. I'd probably rather roast. "Returns" are an issue also. The other day, I inadvertently bought an XL shirt on ebay. Darn! I didn't return it, instead I gave it away as a gift. Oh, well.

Also, I am probably the best customer ever, no matter where I go. At a restaurant, even if they brought me the wrong food, I'd probably just eat it instead of calling attention to myself and complaining. It's bad because maybe I make a good target for jerks, maybe I need to sign up for some CBT...

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I think what they are trying to do is bring you exposure to frightening situations so you can train yourself to see they aren't as frightening as they appear. They do the same thing for people who are afraid of heights - by slowly bringing them up one floor at a time and only move on once they are comfortable with each height until they even realize how high they are.

It makes sense in theory, but I think as a blusher it's not really that we are afraid of doing those things like returning items etc., is that we have to suffer the pain of going red while we do it. If there was a magic pill that would stop the blushing completely, I can see doing these small tasks without the fear of turning red would be beneficial and overtime we could increase it to more difficult tasks.

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