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Skullcap Herb

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Skullcap is an herbaceous perennial mint with ridged leaves and tiny blue flowers, growing 1 to 4 feet (25 cm to 1 m) high. Various species of skullcap are important in Traditional Chinese Medicine as herbs that clear heat and dry dampness. The use of herb dates back at least two thousand years.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that skullcap is most useful for "draining fire" from the "upper burner," for patterns of symptoms including high fever, irritability, thick mucus, or hot sores and swelling. The herb is used to "dry dampness" from the stomach or intestines, treating any kind of digestive upset that stifling the urge to drink fluids or causes inflammation of the urinary tract. Skullcap also treats the symptoms of emotional excess "rising" in the body to cause blushing, flushing, irritability, or headache

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I think that sounds intriguing. I am currently trying out hawthorn and I have noticed a slight difference, when i flush, it is mainly on my chest and neck and currently with the hawthorn berries, I flush but it is less intense. I have only been doing it for a week so I will keep you posted. The results are supposed to be seen after a while. But skullcap sounds promising! Maybe that will be my next experiment!

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