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  1. I'm having ETS next week

    Here's the link: http://esfbchannel.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/3479-had-ets-4-months-ago-my-story/ Hope it helps.
  2. I'm having ETS next week

    Hi Buster, Everything is going well - still extremely happy that I made the decision to have the surgery. I feel extremely free not having to constantly think about blushing. As well as having dry hands, in the recent heatwave we've had in London I have also suffered a bit from compensatory sweating (CS). It's only been enough to bother me when I've been on the tube or bus in the 30 degree heat. Although it is a nuisance, I find it easier to deal with the infrequent cs than constant fear of blushing. There is another feed on here that I've read and found very helpful - it outlines the pros and cons of cs vs blushing. I'll try and find the link and paste it in here a bit later. As I said to Tyler, if you want more advice or have more questions, I'm happy to share my experience. xx
  3. I'm having ETS next week

    Hi Tyler, Thanks. Happy to answer your questions. I didn't consult my doctor, I went straight to the surgeon. His website is: http://www.eblushing.com/ I had to book a consultation first, which i think was around £300 - that was for him to talk me through the procedure, side-effects and whether he thought it was suitable for me. Then the cost of the procedure was £3,550 and the hospital fee a further £1,400. So far it's been very worth it for me - my blushing has stopped and my confidence has grown. I have slight cs, but only on hot days when outside, and not enough to bother me, and my hands are quite dry a lot of the time - but I'm on the hunt for an effective hand cream. Happy to answer any further question you have. Or if you just want to talk it through with anyone, I'm happy to give you a call sometime - i know I was quite undecided and scared, and it would have helped me to talk things through with someone:) x
  4. I'm having ETS next week

    Thanks Filur. Quick update from me: surgery went well (morphine is fun!). Am still recovering though - back is in a lot of pain, so am on strong pain killers, really dozy and not back at work yet. Have left the house a few times, and seems my blushing has stopped! Yay! Minor side effects so far: dry hands (not enough to bother me), and slight lower back sweating, but only in situations where I would usually blush. I don't think I would have noticed these side effects if I had not been conscious of them due to reading forum posts. Will send another update when I've fully recovered and an back at work. Xx
  5. I'm having ETS next week

    My operation is tomorrow morning! Since my last post, I've had a phone call with Dr Greenstein. I asked him the question above about cutting both T2 and T3, rather than just T2, and the increased risk of side effects. He confirmed that cutting both does increase the chances of side effects, but also that the chance of the operation working on reducing my blushing is 10% less if he just cuts T2. I'm going ahead with both T2 and T3. I also spoke to him about my worries of a number of side effects that I read about in these forums, mainly: excessive CS, hair loss, fatigue, depression and low libido. He talked me through the statistics of CS ("for the majority this is mild, but all cases are individual") and assured me that the other side effects I mentioned were not related to the operation, and were likely to be related to other aspects of a persons life. As he stated in my initial consultation, he reiterated that another side effect is a droppey eye-lid (which usually goes away, or can be corrected with surgery!). To be honest I'm expecting the CS - but have decided that I'd rather live with that than blushing. I've started to make lists of all the bad blushing experiences I've had recently, and the things it's prevented me from doing.... if I get CS or any other side effects, this will act as a reminder to myself that the blushing was a really bad problem and I'm hoping will make me more accepting of any side effects. I'm obviously hoping that I will have mild or zero side effects:) If anyone's keen to hear how I get on after my operation, or wants to chat about anything else that's related, do get in touch - happy to share thoughts, worries and experiences.
  6. I'm having ETS next week

    Hi, I'm having ETS next week with Dr Greenstein in London to hopefully end my facial blushing which has ruled my life since I can remember. I'm absolutely petrified due to all the negative side effect horror stories I've been reading in forums, but have decided to go ahead anyway. Dr Greenstein advised having both T2 and T3 cut, but it seems that people who have only had T2 cut have less severe side affects - is that generally the case? Any other reassurance from anyone who's had the operation and is doing well would be good too:)
  7. Completely Torn... FB ruining my life

    So good to hear a success story on here. I'm having ETS next week for facial blushing, and am scarred mostly due to the scaremongering happening in forums. Did you have T2 and T3 cut?
  8. Just Had ETS Surgery T2 lateral 5

    Hi. I'm having ets next Wednesday in London Uk for facial blushing. I'm very scared after reading all the forums about bad side effects, so good to hear your surgery has gone well so far. Can I ask which did you have cut; T2 and T3?