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  1. ETS Surgery very soon

    I know I keep changing my mind... but, I'm getting clamped instead of sectionned. I'm too young to risk this
  2. ETS T2/T3 Cut (Sept 2017)

    I may have to travel by train 5 hours to get my surgery done!
  3. I've tried propranolol clonidine and oxazepam they work great when I take all three but I fall asleep every 3 hours and still blush- no fun!
  4. To those who have had ETS I would like to share a little secret. I manage to block all sweat from my armpits with antiperspirant ''etiaxil'' I highly recommend an application once a week the first week and then once every three days. Please keep in mind it is not the cheapest antiperspirant out there and it is about a 4/10 itchiness on first application but I mean if you can rid of the sweating, I think it is worth a try. If someone who has had ETS could tell me what its like if they apply antiperspirant to the areas ( stomach, lower back... ((maybe someone else can help you here)) and inner thighs as I am getting ETS myself and believe that this antiperspirant could a potential help. I mean, this never been mentioned and it is the second line basic treatment for sweating after deodorant and I feel like it should not be overlooked
  5. ETS T2/T3 Cut (Sept 2017)

    how are you doing?
  6. Had ETS 4 Months Ago, My Story

    Would you be willing to post any pictures of the sweat after a run for example like how bad does it get?
  7. 10/4/2017 MICRO ETS SURGERY

    Hi how are you doing?
  8. Had ETS 4 Months Ago, My Story

    Hey how are you doing nowadays?
  9. ETS Surgery very soon

    Just a quick update. I had my consultation, and the surgeon basically made me realise that clipping is a waste of time. The surgeon also conforted me in saying that the surgery doesn't cause any weight changes. I should be able to get surgery this month.
  10. 10/4/2017 MICRO ETS SURGERY

    liss contact me! I'm very happy for you.
  11. Is there a way to turn blushing into a panic attack?

    this is very interesting. I have never had a panic attack.
  12. Facial blushing being hereditary

    Irish grand parents for me too
  13. Hi bobby and mojow are are either of you willing to contact on something other than esfb? - please mail me on here privately if so!
  14. Scheduled for ETS Redo on 06/16/17

    Okay, doesn't the HR contribute to energy levels and metabolism? I am uncertain about this because one surgeon said no the other said he's not sure
  15. Scheduled for ETS Redo on 06/16/17

    Okay I see what you're saying. Did your heart rate decrease after surgery?