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  1. Makeup

    Amazing, but yes that would be noticeable on men.
  2. What about some sort of tanning cream or gel? I realize how blushing can consume a person‘s life, but still you shouldn‘t be doing things that will give you skin cancer.
  3. I think a having a tan does help a bit. But there‘s also the cancer risk associated with tanning beds. Do you live in a warm state where you can get a natural tan?
  4. Interesting read lol - Argyria

    I usually go from red to purple to blue anyway without any supplements at all.
  5. Relationship / dateing

    Please elaborate more on the troubles you've been having. You could also try picking up girls on the social anxiety forums.
  6. blushing social anxiety vent

    Do you have issues with flushing too or just blushing? With regard to your original post, it seems that your social anxiety would be non-existent without the constant fear of blushing. Of course it's possible for someone to have social anxiety and be a blusher and for those two conditions to be unrelated, although they would almost certainly lead to a vicious cycle of exacerbating each other. Would you mind sharing your age and how long you've been battling this conditon? Do you have any relatives who are affected by it?
  7. blushing social anxiety vent

    Come on now, give us the rest of it. You said there's a lot more. It takes you an entire 0.5 seconds to go red when someone talks to you? Only takes me 0.1 seconds.
  8. A typical day A never ending nightmare

    Are you saying that drinking regularly makes you more red even at times when you haven't been drinking?
  9. Just sick of it burning up on our date night

    I was at a science fair with my son recently and they had some ball that measured the electricity that people give off by placing their open hand on the ball. I sent the needle all the way to the right and the woman working there said she hadn't seen that before.
  10. A typical day A never ending nightmare

    Mrhot I respectfully disagree. I think he is a flusher, but I suppose Marcus will have to comment on that himself. Flushing can occur for no reason and also due to stress, wheras blushing is the sudden redness of the fave due to embarrassment, etc. My understanding is that his face is usually red even in non-stressful situations and that the stress makes it worse.
  11. A typical day A never ending nightmare

    @ Marcus: You mentioned your coworker who commented on your redness when picking up the heavy box? Do you usually get comments like that from him? Maybe you should consider retailiating with an unflattering remark about him next time.
  12. A typical day A never ending nightmare

    @ Mrhot: My understanding is that ETS can help to cure or reduce blushing, but not flushing. If Marcus got ETS and it was "successful", he would no longer abruptly go red if put on the spot, but the "redness for no reason" (which seems like the bigger problem) would not go away.
  13. need advice...

    Effexor seems to get the best reviews from people on this forum. Apparently it does wonders against the blushing but also causes sexual dysfunction. Not sure how understanding your girlfriend would be. Have you heard of the potential side effects of ETS? It can really leave you messed up. Try the medication first. ETS should be a last option.
  14. Just sick of it burning up on our date night

    Would you be red in an air-conditioned office with the temperature set at 17 degrees celcius?
  15. Just sick of it burning up on our date night

    I have a hard time believing that a traumatizing event can suddenly lead to long-term chronic blushing in a person not born with the disorder. All evidence points to this being a physiological disorder that of course can be aggravated by stress, emotions, etc. I would argue that blushing is comparable to psoriasis in a way. Psoriasis can be triggered and aggravated by external conditions such as stress, emotions, diet, etc. but only in people born with the conditon. I will never have a psoriasis outbreak regardless of how much stress I'm under because I simply do not have the disorder. Someone who begins blushing later in life due to a traumatic event is absolutely (in my opinion) someone who has and has always had a genetic physiological predisposition to blushing. What exactly did your doctor say if I may ask?