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  1. Help!!

    Hi Charlotte, to give you some background on myself I'm a 25 year old male who used to suffer from severe blushing. Couldn't even look at my brother without my whole face turning bright red, this also developed into flushing/rosacea. Anyway to make a long story short, my doctor put me on a tablet called effexor becasue he thought it was just general anxiety and didn't actually understand the blushing problem I was dealing with. To my amazement in the first few weeks the blushing/flushing died down gradually and I'm now at the point where I feel essentially cured although it's not completely gone. I have spoken to a few other sufferers who have had the same success with this tablet and if you google "effexor for blushing" you will find a lot of success stories. Anyway I hope this helps or at least gives you hope that there are things out there that work to beat this awful problem. There are other types of meds that people have used successfully and there is the ets surgery which is growing more popular and more successful as doctors become more skilled and competent in this department.
  2. Just sick of it burning up on our date night

    Don't mean to undermine what you're going through but that looks nothing compared to the type of dark intense flushing I used to suffer
  3. Had ETS 4 Months Ago, My Story

    Have you read up on effexor for blushing? Many of us have had great success with it. Been on it 4 years (75mg per day) and am having such a great life with it, compared to how I used to suffer that is. It's definitely worth researching in your situation
  4. What is it the point? No quality of life

    I know it's a scary thought but you have to be aware that the surgery has advanced so much in recent years. There are surgeons who are so competent that they've performed 100's of sugeries with about 95% success rate.
  5. Sorry this is just a cry

    I think the sooner you get to your doctor the better, I know you say you have things stopping you but remember this is your health and well-being that is being severely effected
  6. Effexor for facial blushing 75 mg

    I wouldn't recommend going any higher than 150mg as effexor is a strong drug and is difficult to come off.
  7. Sorry this is just a cry

    OldPhotographs, have you tried effexor yet? It really saved my life as it has done for others. Please respond
  8. Just Had ETS Surgery T2 lateral 5

    Excellent news. Hopefully your success continues
  9. Just Had ETS Surgery T2 lateral 5

    Please keep everyone updated in the coming days/weeks regarding your progression. Thanks and best of luck!
  10. Hi DragonSlayer, Don't feel alone, many of us have been and are still in your position. There is help out there such as ets and certain medication. I advise you to look into the tablet effexor and also look into the ets surgery. There are plenty of posts about these on this forum and they have been a lifesaver for many of us (including myself)
  11. What is it the point? No quality of life

    To be honest I didn't approach him for effexor. He had no clue about blushing when I explained my symptoms to him. He simply thought it was just social anxiety so he prescribed effexor. I didn't expect anything out of it but 4 years later here I am living a relatively normal life. Definitely not fully cured and some days are worse than others, but overall, I would say an 80% improvement which is massive compared to what I used to go through
  12. What is it the point? No quality of life

    ETS possibly may be your best hope considering there are competent surgeons who are really improving their knowledge and thus, their success rate with their procedures. Have you tried effexor? It's cured myself and others about 70 - 80 % and given us a very good quality of life.
  13. There is a way (even for men!)

    That's great news. I have a bit of a flushing problem at the moment, (medication has practically cured my blushing though which is great). But I might try this for the flushing and see how I get on, will keep you updated and many thanks for the heads up, hopefully someone else out there will benefit from this.
  14. This could be very useful for people suffering from blushing and flushing. Effexor does something similar but it is an addictive drug so if this new drug is not addictive and has less side effects, it could really be worth a try for people suffering blushing/flushing. http://www.breastcancer.org/research-news/effexor-vs-hrt-for-hot-flashes
  15. Cause of an Overactive Sympathetic Nervous system

    I've been on effexor for 4 years and have had great relief, about 80% overall which is huge. Everyone seems to react differently so the only way to know is to try for yourself for about 3 months and find out