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  1. Effexor pretty much cured my blushing. 95% cured at this stage I'd say and it seems to actually become more effective as time goes on and I've been on it 5 years. Everyone's different, however if you're desperate to rid your blushing like I was, this drug is absolutely worth a try, you can always stop taking it if you don't like it. I'm now able to work as an engineer in a highly stressful environment (an environment I'm trying to get out of) but I would never be able to do this without this tablet as I used to suffer terribly with constant blushing and flushing
  2. Med Combo to stop blushing

    \effexor pretty much saved my life. The doctor gave me beta blockers to take with them at the time but I just tried the effexor at the start and it worked so I never actually needed beta blockers luckily.
  3. SGB injection

    Hi Didi, Any updates on your SGB injection?
  4. SGB injection

    Please keep the forum updated and best of luck
  5. Jim - Yes, Afrin worked very well for me but I would advise to be careful of rebound flushing. Always worth giving it a try and if it doesn't agree you can just stop using it. Lion - Yes, I'm still on effexor which works great but I kind of regret going on as the above tips I gave were working quite well for me. But nonetheless it has definitely helped to almost completely diminish my blushing symptoms. If you are willing to try the above recommendations I gave I suggest implementing all of them into your daily lives rather than just trying one which you will find ineffective. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3839519/
  6. I've been a blusher for about 6 years. Some of you may recognise me from this forum in the past as I've previously posted about the success I've had with effexor and how it has cured me of my blushing and flushing for going on 5 years now. I decided to go on effexor as I'd read about the great results people were having with it but I also want to share with you the success I had with non-medicine practices that you can implement into your life on a daily basis to help fight against blushing/flushing. The bullet points below of the techniques I used proved to be fairly successful for me in their own way and I would say overall helped to alleviate my blushing/flushing symptoms by about 50 - 60% which as I'm sure many of you can imagine, is a great help to leading a normal life again; 1. When you wake up in the morning, go for a long jog. Really sweat it out. This helps to relax your nervous system and I found that doing this helped to dampen my blushing for the first number of hours in work. 2. When you finish your jog and get home, have a warm bath and use relaxation lavendars in the water to further help your nervous system relax. Also light a chamomile scented candle beside the bath and inhale its scent while you bathe, further helping to relax your overactive nervous system. 3. Diet is very important to help alleviate flushing. Try to avoid sugar and crap food at all costs. The foods that I found helped with flushing the most were garlic, blueberries, eating a healthy salad for lunch with water, drink a cup of green tea daily and add 2 teaspoons of organic cider vinegar. Also take turmeric supplements and probiotic supplements. Drink bottled water. Avoid tap water as it's full of chemicals (I'm an environmental engineer so I know this well) 4. There is a great nasal spray that helps alleviate flushing but just be weary of rebound flushing if you suffer severe flushing. It is called "Afrin nasal spray". I used to spray it on my hands in the morning and apply it to my face. I found it helped me to stop flushing for 6-8 hours and then you can reappply it. It works by constricting the blood vessels in your face. 5. Hot Yoga is another great exercise to relax your overactive nervous system, I recommend joining a yoga class and taking part 2 to 3 times a week. 6. Antihistamines have been found to be quite useful to combat flushing. But they have to be the drowsy type ones as these are the type that work to relax your nervous system. If you are going to try these I recommend taking one twice a day and monitor the few hours afterwards and how you react in blushing situations. Just be aware they have to be the drowsy type so be careful when taking these and driving machinery/cars etc. 7. Look after your mental health, keep telling yourself that you're a beautiful creation of God and no one can change that. You care for and love people and no one can take that from you. See a therapist if you have to. The above list helped me significantly to lead a normal life and I hope some of you out there will take it on board and try it. If anyone does, can you please keep the forum updated on your progress as it may help other sufferers.
  7. keratosis pilaris rubra faceii VENTING

    Damian, Have you ever tried medication? I've taken effexor for about 5 years now and it's almost completely cured my blushing. There are also other medications that have helped people. I suggest you do some research.
  8. Any meds that work?

    Effexor is an excellent med for these symptoms. I used to have symptoms such as you've described above but have been on effexor for about 5 years and would say I'm about 90-95% cured. May be worth a try if you're desparate. I take 1 tablet (75mg) a day
  9. Do ssri's / snri's stop working?

    SNRI (effexor) works brilliantly for me. About 90% cured from my blushing
  10. CURED from blushing for 2 years!!

    This was my fear when I started effexor but after a few weeks the side effects wore off and the blushing continued to improve to the point that it's practically non-existent.
  11. anyone had success with effexor?

    I had side effects for the first few weeks such as feeling a bit nauseous and dizzy at times but this wore off after about 4 weeks and the effexor continued to work to cure my blushing. 5 years later and it still works for me about 90% and I have never experienced any sexual side effects. The 1 thing I've learned is that everyone reacts differently but it may be worth trying the medication for at least 4 weeks to give the side effects time to wear off. PS when you start effexor you should start to notice a reduction in your blushing within the first week. If this doesn't happen, then it may not be the solution for you and you should look at other medications or surgery if you truly want to get rid of this problem.
  12. anyone dealing with excessive blushing?

    I suffered the same problem you suffered with for years. There is hope though. I had success with a prescribed tablet called effexor (75mg) which has cured me about 90%. Others have had success with this while others have had no success, everyone reacts differently. There are also other medications that have worked for other I've seen on these forums. Another option you can look at is the ets surgery, it was a surgery introduced about 30 years ago which at first, didn't have much success and had bad side effects, but as time has passed and doctors have become more competent in this field, it seems to be growing more and more successful every year. I suggest you do some in depth research on the items I've mentioned above before you make any decisions, but remember, there is hope and I've been in touch with plenty of people who have been cured through various medications and the surgery I've mentioned above.
  13. Can't take it much longer blushing

    Redface, you say you have tried medications but have you tried effexor? This is the only one that actually worked for me
  14. before and after blushing pics

    That looks more like flushing. Blushing and flushing are different and I see people mixing them up all the time.
  15. Need help

    Effexor cured mine by about 90% I would say> Everyone reacts differently. You might suffer from flushing and not blushing so for this you should look at clonidine, this helped me when I used to also suffer from severe flushing