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  1. Oldphotographs added a post in a topic What is it the point? No quality of life   

    Yeah, blushing is a stupid thing to get stuck with. A very boxed off life, I'd say. It sucks. I think anyone with any kind of social anxiety feels crunched into a small life but the difference between
    people with social anxiety
    people with blushing that led to social anxiety
    is that blushing puts you on display. 
    Like someone could be socially anxious in a room full of people and look completely fine which is something they should take pride in. Cause even though they think people are watching them, at least if someone is they can hide their uneasiness.
    I hope at least you're able to find a temporary solution, If you don't go through with surgery.
    ^ the people above listed Effexor and I've read propranolol is also a good one for preventing blushing.
  2. Beastywild added a post in a topic What is it the point? No quality of life   

    To be honest I didn't approach him for effexor. He had no clue about blushing when I explained my symptoms to him.
    He simply thought it was just social anxiety so he prescribed effexor.
    I didn't expect anything out of it but 4 years later here I am living a relatively normal life. Definitely not fully cured and some days are worse than others, but overall, I would say an 80% improvement which is massive compared to what I used to go through
  3. Beetroot added a topic in Facial Blushing   

    Does anyone know of any institutes that are actually researching the cause of this condition?
    If not, does anyone have any ideas who we can contact, and how we get some research started into this condition? I think if some tests and investigation were carried out, we could probably figure out what the physiology behind all this was, and therefore have a better chance of finding a way to combat it. 
    Without some effort on our behalf, we can't just expect the medical profession to find a cure, it has to come from us pushing for it and raising awareness. 
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  4. blushingman added a post in a topic KPRF - Red cheeks, questions and my facial blushing story   

    Hi redzio  
    I would start with 50 mg and see the effect you get from that. If it does not work as much as you want, you can increase to 75 mg or 100 mg. Then you should notice a decrease in blushing for sure. The full effect starts after about an hour, and lasts about 5-6 hours (with declining effect after that). You can take it as needed or daily. If you want the effect for a day, you have to take it twice a day.
    One problem can occure if you need 100 mg for stopping blushing, and you want the effect for a full day. That would mean you need 150-200 mg (Divided in two doses - To keep about 100 mg in the body for a day). The normal maximum dosage for most conditions is 100 mg, but I have however seen 200 mg being prescribed for some conditions, so it should not be dangerous. Of course you have to talk to your physician about this, and also decide how strong side effects you are willing to have (As they increase as the dose increases). I have not myself tried any more than 100 mg/day. 
  5. mojow added a post in a topic FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?   

    I did actually send you a PM a while back but you never responded!!!!!
  6. redzio added a post in a topic KPRF - Red cheeks, questions and my facial blushing story   

    Blushingman can you tell from what doses you started taking atenolol? What doses do you take today?
  7. mugsy added a post in a topic FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?   

    I only had the T2 cut. Good luck Jayster999 and Harry!! Looking forward to hearing about your experience. 
  8. Harry added a post in a topic FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?   

    I'm waiting to see if insurance will cover the op. Regardless I think I will go ahead with ets in NYC with Dr Goreinstein hopefully within the next month.
    He's told me he only cuts T2 as it minimizes the CS and is effective removing or notably reducing facial blushing 80% of the time. ( although he said it seems to be more successful for women for some reason.)
    It's a risk/reward situation, I think befree is making a good point, cutting T3 also for just a 10/15% better chance of removing blushing might be outweighed by a much bigger chance of very bad CS and other side effects. Although I do understand, some days I think I wouldn't mind if they hacked at every nerve in there!
    Could you not cut just T2, then re-evaluate later down the line? I do understand that cost/time etc are massive factors so it really depends on your situation and how u feel.
    Keep up the updates. 
    All the best.
  9. Beetroot added a post in a topic What is it the point? No quality of life   

    Beastywild, I'm curious to try Effexor. How did you approach this with your Dr?
  10. Beastywild added a post in a topic What is it the point? No quality of life   

    ETS possibly may be your best hope considering there are competent surgeons who are really improving their knowledge and thus, their success rate with their procedures.
    Have you tried effexor? It's cured myself and others about 70 - 80 % and given us a very good quality of life.
  11. Befree added a post in a topic FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?   

    I've had just T2 cut as this is the nerve responsible for causing the blushing, it totally worked for me but how would you feel risking 2 nerves being cut for an extra 15% chance of the blushing going? Is it possible to go for T2 cut and if needed go back for T3 at a later date if you're absolutely certain it would help more? 
  12. jayster999 added a post in a topic FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?   

    Hi guys!
    Im a 25 year old male and suffered facial blushing for years now! I've been on this forum for 2/3 years now. I posted a couple of months ago saying I had my consultation with Dr Greenstein in London. Well the ETS operation is next Wednesday 26th April which I'm going ahead for! It's for facial blushing (I get it reallyyy bad in social situations - I don't think I need to explain how much it's ruining my life as you all probably know).
    I asked this question a couple of months ago to you guys when I had my consultation but I need to ask again as I'm really 50/50 about this...
    Which level do I get cut at? Just T2 or both T2&T3?
    My surgeon has said he normally cuts T2 & T3 as he said that there's more chance of getting rid of facial blushing cutting both (90% I believe compared to 75% if just T2 is cut) with minimum extra side effects) 
    Now I know your told to trust your surgeon but I've read a lot on this forum about people having just T2 done! 
    Please please please can as many people of you who have had the operation or have done ridiculous amounts of research on the operation please tell me there opinion and why I should get T2 or T2&T3 level cut. In return I promise to give you many detailed updates on how my operation went and the results from it. 
    This is a life changing decision!! Plus £5000 lol
    thanks guys!
  13. meli74 added a topic in Facial Blushing   

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  14. wat2odo added a topic in Facial Blushing   

    What is it the point? No quality of life
    Does anyone else feel like their quality of life has completely diminished? 
    I've had this blushing problem since my early teens which has manifested into a wide variety of mental health problems:
    Social anxietyDepressionOCDSkin problems from stressBowel problems from stressI just don't enjoy anything!!! my bodies automatic response to every single thing is to blush! It's on my mind 24/7, from sitting on a plane to walking through the park, I can't even enjoy a fu***king coffee in shop.
    I have tried countless prescription drugs, talking therapies, exposure, this and that etc.... Nothing I have not tried.
    My life is horrible, I want to make new friends, move cities, try new hobbies, start a relationship, travel; all of which is suppose to be great fun but when your body is in flight or fight all the time and you blushing its horrible.
    Is this the point at 28 years old I get ETS surgery because my quality of life is diminished to 1-2/10, i feel like this is the last step to saving my sanity. 
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  15. Oldphotographs added a topic in Facial Blushing   

    How are you guys with Lying?
    Curious because I am a terrible liar. I'm an honest person but there are some things I wish I had the face/ nonblusher/ to be at least ABLE to lie correctly. Some things you want to keep private and it's embarrassing having a blush give you away -- even worse when you blush & you weren't even lying but you think people will think you are!! Ugh I hate it so much. Everything about the constant thoughts of blushing how it boxed me off into this incapable person. 
    One time I was in class and the teacher was talking about a broken machine/ claiming one of the students broke it the day before while she was gone and I had no idea about this machine. I didn't know what the heck it was and still don't even know to this day. But my face heard that she was talking about someone being guilty and I blushed SO HORRIBLY. And she obviously thought it was my fault after that. I know because she kept LOOKING at me while talking after I started blushing from her words. 
    Whatever. I wish certain words, things, didn't trigger my blushing so much. It's so strange how after all these years I still blush at the same words and things. I hate it.
    anyway, how are you guys with lying? Do you think you're bad at it? Do you blush while lying? Are you honest because you might blush if you do lie?
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  16. Oldphotographs added a post in a topic Do you think you'd have social anxiety if you didn't blush?   

    Yeah, all of you are correct I would like to think. especially with the ETS surgery getting rid of ur problem overnight, That must've felt so strangely calm. 
    This redness surrounding my life. It's been ingrained in me, everything I do is a reaction of it. I don't go out to this place - reason, room, I'm trapped, I might blush. Reason- awkward about blushing. Reason - I might blush, everything's, everywhere is an I Might Blush situation. So afraid of blushing and giving myself away. And it's difficult to lie with this disorder. I'll actually make a whole other forum about the lying problem. This blushing takes the word embarrassing to a whole other level. Shy doesn't even begin to describe it. 
  17. Beastywild added a post in a topic There is a way (even for men!)   

    That's great news. I have a bit of a flushing problem at the moment, (medication has practically cured my blushing though which is great). 
    But I might try this for the flushing and see how I get on, will keep you updated and many thanks for the heads up, hopefully someone else out there will benefit from this.
  18. eslam9497 added a post in a topic fb   

    I'm not American but I did it in Egypt and he was reputable surgeon but anyway the surgery is really dangerous and success rate is variable and no guarantees that your blushing will be completely hidden
    I also watched this video from a while and really cried for this girl that has the same situation
    All my best wishes to you guys.
  19. hungryperson11 added a post in a topic There is a way (even for men!)   

    The concealer is some generic cheap one. No idea what brand. The BB cream is Hydra Zen (BB Cream) Anti-Stress Moisturising tinted cream medium by Lancome. 
  20. blushingman added a post in a topic fb   

    Sorry to hear the ETS-surgery wasn't a success, eslam9497. Who was your surgeon? 
  21. eslam9497 added a post in a topic fb   

    I did ETS but I clipped the t2 nerve not cut or burn but I'm not satisfied about the results because it was a temporary cure actually for me because it lasted about 6 months without any blushing and after that I got some blotches on my face appear from time to time on my face in awkward situations and other situations that my face blush at and now after 5 years of this surgery I still blush sometimes as I was before and sometimes not so it's kinda useless really. 
    I also got ridiculous side effects happen till now: a lot a lot of sweating happen after walking for some meters in street and in hot weather and also I noticed some hair loss and also plus Frey's syndrome I got that makes me sweat in my forehead and cheeks after smelling or eating spicy food or candy and other kind of food. 
  22. Loveu added a topic in Facial Blushing   

    Has anyone done the ets for fb in ny/nj area?
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  23. mugsy added a post in a topic FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?   

    Hello all, it's me!! I've had several messages over the past year asking for an update. Since I am the one who started this thread, I feel that it's only fair that I provide occasional updates, so thanks for the reminders!! Unfortunately (or fortunately), I am not on this site often anymore because I am busy...busy getting on with life and not blushing that is!! ...Sorry, that sounds braggadocios and that's not what I'm going for here. I am really really grateful to have had this site during my ETS journey and am eternally grateful for all the encouragement, support, and feedback from fellow members.
    I do not have much to say in the way of an update because not much has changed. I am still blush-free thanks to ETS and, as you can all imagine, it's a life-changer. I don't mean to sound like I am a "new me," just the same old me without the blushing and, thus therefore hence, without the limitations that blushing imposed on my life. 
    Based on the many messages I have received from fellow members, I know that this thread has been very helpful to a lot of people, not just my story, but the stories of all those who also contributed to this thread. To that end, I say: keep it going!! I know that ETS is not for everyone, and also not always available to everyone. I hope that everyone who has had success in beating this condition feels comfortable adding to this thread so that future members may find some treatment/intervention that may also work for them. 
    As alway, best of luck to everyone and thank you again for how supportive, honest, and vigilant you all are. Post away, we all look forward to reading your stories.
  24. Big Red added a post in a topic There is a way (even for men!)   

    Interesting post.  Could you please name the exact products you're using?
  25. hungryperson11 added a topic in Facial Blushing   

    There is a way (even for men!)
    Okay, so I've never made use of forums like this before, but I stumbled on as close to a miracle cure as I'm going to find and I feel like it's my duty to share it. I'm going to explain my own personal experience. I can't promise it will work just as well for everyone, but it's definitely worth the shot.
    To cut a long story short, it's a 2 step process every morning after I take a shower. I'm a man by the way, which is why I focus on subtlety.
    1) Put on green concealer across your entire face. Not just a thin layer. Really cake that stuff on. After this step you should look like a crack addict with the flu. Really green and weird. The thing about this is the green concealer covers a huge amount of redness, but you literally cannot leave the house with this much green concealer and nothing else. It's terrifying.
    2) This is where things get interesting. I apply a layer of BB cream over it, which brings me right back to normal (maybe slightly more flawless than normal but that's not the point haha).  The concealer can't be seen, and the BB cream is completely natural looking. As long as you get the right product I suppose. I just asked a woman in the cosmetics shop to recommend a shade for me and the first product I got works well.
    And voila. Job done. Everybody will have to do their own tweaking to know what amount of each works for them, but those two steps are all you need to do.
    I'll give a bit of background so people can understand where I'm coming from. I went to a camouflage makeup clinic before and they said for a man there is no camouflage makeup that will work without looking like you're a drag queen. It's a harsh fact of life because it has to be very thick to cover a blush. So I gave up on makeup being an option there and then. Women have it lucky! My sister had a blushing problem until she started using makeup then all of a sudden no more blushing.
    However, my nose does get red sometimes (nothing to do with blushing), so I touch it up lightly with green concealer. Been doing that for a while, though never too much because i wasn't using BB cream at the time. 
    There's a lot of mirrors where I work, and one time when I blushed I saw that my nose was clearly whiter than the rest of my face. 'Interesting,' I said to myself, not giving it much thought because I knew I couldn't put it all over my face without looking like a freak (which puts blushing into perspective as not being so bad when you'd rather blush than look sick.)
    A month or 2 later a eureka moment struck where i thought, what if I used BB cream over the concealer. Surely it would make a difference to my blushing, even if it was just 20% better or something. So I tried it and went to work, expecting a slight improvement but trying not to get my hopes too high. I went looking for something/someone to make me blush so I could see how I looked in the mirror. It took a while. Who knew it's so hard to blush when you actually want to!! Eventually I did though, including making a big lie to my boss which would have got me into trouble if I'd been found out. Each time I blushed I looked in the mirror, each time I could not see even a little bit of red. I've blushed many times since, and they can't be seen. Mirrors can be quite intense for a blusher I've found, they make you even more hyper aware of how close those blood vessels are to the skin. But now they're a pleasure to look at when I go red (or should be red). 
    It's been the most amazing discovery, the first one to ever truly work for me. And while I'm pretty sure intense ones can still break through, I couldn't care less for 2 reasons. Firstly the redness of an intense one is so much more mild it doesn't bother me. And secondly, deep blushes usually don't just happen. For me at least, I blush just a little bit, then know whoever I'm with sees I'm blushing, which then makes the blush intense. Seeing as now when I go a little red I know the other person can't see, it doesn't bother me and it goes away.
    So yeah, this is super simple and has been effective for me. I would say to anyone who may use this don't expect it to be a miracle cure in case it's a disappointment. It's fine to hope, just don't expect too much! But to be honest I can't see why it wouldn't work for everyone.
    And if someone tries this because of this post and it works for them, can you please let me know because it would make me so fulfilled to think I helped someone else overcome this too.
    Peace, love and happy blushing to all
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